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Managing 376 Endowment Funds 

We work with more than 376 individuals, families, and organizations to ensure a robust and sustainable future for our community.

Managing Over $96 Million

However you choose to establish your plan to make a difference, your assets are secure at the Jewish Community Foundation. Strong governance by our Governors ensures your wishes are carried out in perpetuity.

$4.6 Million in Distributions

The Foundation made over $4.6 million in distributions in 2023-24 to support a broad range of organizations, programs, and services in our community.


Take this opportunity to reflect on your life and the values, causes, and organizations you are truly passionate about. We will assist you in realizing your philanthropic vision. Our professional advisors will help you choose from a variety of tax advantageous programs. With many options available, we’ll help you decide which ones best correspond to your lifestyle and desires, and make the best use of your assets and maximize your tax savings in the process.


We pride ourselves on our flexibility and skill in developing custom solutions to fit your philanthropic needs.

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