Beiser Family Endowment for Women’s Endowment Fund

My family is one of B.C.’s Jewish pioneers. Lou and Sara Lando, with their three children, emigrated from London and Prince Rupert in 1911 and moved on to Vancouver where they opened Lando’s Furs. My father, Esmond Lando, Q.C. founded the law firm, Lando & Co. which still exists. He practised law for 50 years. My mother, Edith Mitchell Lando, born in Winnipeg, daughter of Edward and Anna Mitchell, received the Order of Canada in 1994. Both of my parents were extremely active as volunteers and philanthropists in the Jewish and Greater Vancouver communities.

I was born and raised in Vancouver in an atmosphere of accomplishment and giving. I have tried to emulate my heritage. As I have benefited from outstanding role models, I am trying to pass their important values on to my three sons, Brendan, Vince and David. It is up to all of us to give in many ways to ensure the continuation of a vibrant community.

Roberta L. Beiser