Fugman Family Philanthropic Fund

Our families have come from all over the world and were leaders of whatever community they lived in and have set an example for us to learn from and follow. They taught us that tzedakah does not mean just giving money but also means giving time; that both Jewish and non-Jewish organizations require assistance and communities far and wide need our support.

It is because of what our families taught us that we have decided to be active participants in the Vancouver community. We are involved in non-Jewish and Jewish charities, organizations both local and world wide as volunteers and donors. We believe by acting as leaders we can teach others what we were taught and serve as role models for them.

Our purpose for establishing an endowment fund is to ensure that our community stays strong in the future. By signing the Book of Life we express pride in what we have done and hope that others will follow to make their own contributions.

Michael and Kathi Fugman