Howard and Rosalind Karby Family Philanthropic Fund

Our lives have been blessed and enriched by being the offspring of parents totally devoted to tzedakah and communal service. Sam and Bertha Karby of Regina, and Sidney and Gertrude Zack of Vancouver were pillars of their respective communities, setting an example of kindness, generosity and leadership that was deeply ingrained in their children.

We have spent our married life devoted to Jewish causes – Zionist, fund raising, educational and religious. Our driving motivation is the belief that “All Jews are responsible one for the other.” We wanted to serve as role models for our daughters – Michelle, Debra and Sara – by living and doing what we believed in. In trying to make our world a better place, we hope that they will choose to continue this life pattern for themselves and their families.

Our family endowment fund was established to help ensure the continuity of a vibrant and strong Jewish life in Vancouver.

Howard and Rosalind Karby, Michelle, Debra and Sara Karby