Koffman Family Youth Programs to Israel Fund

We are blessed and privileged to be in a position to provide an endowment fund especially directed to educating local Jewish youth by providing funds for their study in Israel.

Education, pride in our heritage and Zionism have always been the cornerstones in our, and our three childrens’, lives. It reaches back a century to Myrna’s grandfather who was a leading Zionist and contemporary of Zabotinsky and Bialik in Odessa, Russia.

Morley’s family are Vancouver pioneers and were leading members of this community for 50 years.

It is our parents and grandparents that we thank for the Jewish heritage we received. Our commitment to the survival of Jewish life in Vancouver and Israel is unqualified, and we view our endowment as one that will be perpetuated and supported by our children and grandchildren in future years.

Myrna and Morley Koffman