Laurie & Ivan Gasoi Family Philanthropic Fund

In 1971 we arrived in Vancouver, having left our homes in Montreal and Edmonton. As we began to build our lives together in this new city, we were enthusiastically welcomed by the Vancouver Jewish Community. The support and warmth we experienced left a lasting impression on us in those formative years. Our traditional family backgrounds taught us concern for others and it was this developed social conscience that motivated our involvement in this community.

The future course of our young family life began in the synagogue, and evolved through our volunteer efforts on behalf of the Jewish Community Fund and Council, the Jewish Federation and the Endowment Fund. Our family is committed to a strong, vibrant, and promising Jewish Community that will continue to pass on the values and principles of Judaism to our children, Stacey and Jennifer. We believe that the Endowment Fund is the fundamental vehicle to ensure that this promise is fulfilled.

Ivan and Laurie Gasoi