Pinsky/Givon Family Philanthropic Fund

It used to be said about us that Jews always answer a question with another question. It’s true. We asked ourselves: Why would we establish an endowment fund whose purpose is to help young Vancouver Jews experience Israel? The first answer that came to our minds was: How could we not?

Daniella and I spend many hours volunteering our time to Jewish organizations. Being Jewish is part of our being; the greatest factor in our identity; a huge part of our values. We want to teach this feeling to our children and the children of other Jews, both because we want to be a part of a vibrant Jewish community, and because we believe that those who learn Judaism will be so much the better for it.

Donating money to help Jewish causes – it is such a natural, self-evident, logical thing to do. “Halevai” that we can do more and ever more.

Bernard Pinsky and Daniella Givon