Spevakow Family Endowment Fund

Darlene and I are fortunate to have been successful in our lives, and we have placed great emphasis on giving back as much as we can. We have always enjoyed supporting both Jewish and non-Jewish causes, and being active in our community. We have served on many committees and held leadership positions with several local Jewish organizations.

When our three adult children, Shelley, Mark and Jayson, threw a large party in our honour of our 50th anniversary in 2012, it seemed only natural that we ask our friends and family to consider charitable contributions in lieu of gifts.

Our endowment fund is set up in such a way that each year we advise how the funds will be distributed. In honour of our milestone anniversary, we directed the funds to support four different programs at the Jewish Family Service Agency: the Senior Meals Program, the Youth and Family at Risk program, the Seniors Medical Funds, and the Basic Resources Medical Fund.

About 35 families came together to donate thousands of dollars to support these important programs. We were able to celebrate the wonderful life we have built together while helping those who need it most.

Darlene and Robert Spevakow