Create Your Legacy


Creating a legacy needn’t be complicated, boring, or unduly expensive.  In fact, the process can be a lot more enjoyable than you might think. This is an opportunity to reflect on your life and the values, causes, and organizations you are truly passionate about. Our role is to assist you in realizing your philanthropic vision. At the Foundation, we approach philanthropy in a thoughtful, coordinated manner, with consideration given to your financial, estate and philanthropic needs. Our professional advisors – seasoned lawyers, accountants, and financial planners – will help you choose from a variety of tax advantageous programs. With many options available, we’ll help you decide which ones best correspond to your lifestyle and desires, and make the best use of your assets and maximize your tax savings in the process.


Creating your legacy, consists of three distinct stages:


Choosing a Type of Fund
Deciding How to Give
Establishing Your Endowment