Family Endowment Funds

Unrestricted Funds

Thanks to the generosity of donors establishing unrestricted funds, the Foundation’s vital grant program can respond to rapidly evolving and emerging community needs.

Elliot Belkin Philanthropic Fund

Norman & Evelyn Charach Fund

Pauline Cohen Endowment Fund

Community Endowment Fund

Charles and Dora Davis Endowment Fund

Stojan Divljak Endowment Fund

Eisman Family Endowment Fund

Hank and Anita Goodman Endowment Fund

Rose & John Gordon Endowment Fund

John Grot Endowment Fund

Louis Kanee Israel Endowment Fund

Louis Kanee Vancouver Endowment Fund

Gerry and David Kline Endowment Fund

Frieda and Joel Lichtenstein Endowment Fund

Earl & Jennie Lohn Memorial Fund

Clifford Margolis Family Endowment Fund

Eugene and Karla Marks Family Endowment Fund

Esther Montefiore Endowment Fund

Philip Pelzman Memorial Fund

Allan Posthuma Endowment Fund

Russell & DuMoulin Endowment Fund

Morris Saltzman Endowment Fund

Jack I. Segal Memorial Fund

Ellen & Cecil Sheinin Endowment Fund

Phyliss & Irving Snider Endowment Fund

Dr. Arnie Virtue Fund

Louis Zacks Unrestricted Endowment Fund

Sidney & Gertrude Zack Endowment Fund

Zalkow Family Endowment Fund

Donor-Advised Funds

Donor-advised funds enable fund-holders to support the charitable organizations, areas of interest, and programs of their choosing.

Ava Diamond Abramowich Endowment Fund

Daniella Diamond Abramowich Endowment Fund

Jack Diamond Abramowich Endowment Fund

Andre & Sheila Anzarut Family Philanthropic Fund

Martin Arndt Family Memorial Fund

Ralph Barer and Aileen Barer Family Philanthropic Fund

Shirley Barnett Philanthropic Fund

Roberta Lando Beiser Endowment Fund

Reni Lefohn Belzberg Family Philanthropic Fund

Jonathan & Heather Berkowitz Family Fund

Norbert & Sheila Berkowitz Memorial Philanthropic Fund

Maurice Bloch and Susan Comay Family Fund

Jake and Jillian Boxer Family Philanthropic Fund

Ted & Babs Cohen Legacy Fund

Bob and Helen Coleman Philanthropic Fund

Jonathan Coleman Philanthropic Fund

The Harvey and Jody Dales Family Philanthropic Foundation Fund

Daum-Fajardo Memorial Philanthropic Fund

Diamond Family Endowment Fund

Jill Diamond Endowment Fund

Steven Diamond Memorial Fund

Arthur and Judy Dodek Family Fund

Alissa Ehrenkranz Family Fund

Arnie and Susan Fine Family Philanthropic Fund

Freedman Brothers Endowment Fund

Max and Margaret Fugman Family Fund

Gaerber Family Fund in Memory of Ed & Marilyn Gaerber

Ivan & Laurie Gasoi Family Endowment Fund

Barry Glotman Family Philanthropic Fund

Melanie Gold Memorial Fund

Irving and Evelyn Goldenberg Family Philanthropic Fund

Jeffrey Goldberg Endowment Fund

Lorne Greenberg Family Fund

Harry and Jeanette Greenhut Family Endowment Fund

Peter and Marla Gropper Family Fund

Gropper Leadership Development Philanthropic Fund

Harowitz/Willmot Family Philanthropic Fund

Paul & Edwina Heller Memorial Fund

Hister/Simon Family Philanthropic Fund

Howard/Baker Family Endowment Fund

Hyman/Karp Family Endowment Fund

Israels Family Philanthropic Fund

Karen James Family Fund

Ralph & Barbara James Family Philanthropic Fund

Karby Family Philanthropic Fund

Katz Family Endowment Fund

Puterman Katzenstein Family Fund

Jeffrey and Wendi Klein Family Fund

Judi and David Korbin Family Fund

Krell Family Endowment Fund

Louis J. Lefohn Foundation Endowment Fund

Bill & Risa Levine Family Philanthropic Fund

Shanie Levin Philanthropic Fund

Libin Family Fund

Mark & Gerri London Family Endowment Fund

Herbert and Evelynne Loomer Family Philanthropic Fund

Markin Family Fund in Memory of Jack and Ann Markin

Lutsky Mendelson Family Charitable Fund
Yale & Carole Malkin Family Philanthropic Fund

Simon and Janice Margolis Family Philanthropic Fund

The Mikelberg Family Philanthropic Fund

Michael and Carol Millman Family Philanthropic Fund

Sarah and Philip Millman Memorial Fund

Florence and Harold Morris Family Philanthropic Fund

Phyllis & Michael Moscovich Youth Programs Philanthropic Fund

Margolis-Nadel Family Philanthropic Fund

Nathan Nifco Family Philanthropic Fund

Carol & Peter Oreck Family Philanthropic Fund

Sidney & Tabala Oreck Family Fund

Neil and Donna Ornstein Endowment Fund

Daniel and Trudy Pekarsky Continuity Fund

Pinsky/Givon Philanthropic Fund

Yvette & Hershey Porte Family Endowment Fund

Dr. Michael Potter and Naomi Voss Family Fund

Doug and Lana (Marks) Pulver Family Fund

Larry & Betty Rice Family Philanthropic Fund

Nancy Richler Endowment Fund

Dr. William Hy and Ruth Ross Family Philanthropic Fund

Arthur Sommer Rotenberg Fund for Jewish Medical Ethics

Harley and Eleanor Rothstein Philanthropic Fund

Doreen Rozen and Marc Rozen Fund

Norman and Frankie Samuels Memorial Philanthropic Fund

Dr. Abraham and Joyce Satanove Memorial Fund

Azriel & Rifka Leah Segal Family Fund

Gary and Nanci Segal Family Fund

Joseph Segal Endowment Fund

Sam Shamash Endowment Fund

Adam Shiff Endowment Fund

Allison Shiff Endowment Fund

Ari Shiff & Carla van Messel Endowment Fund

Jedidiah Shiff Endowment Fund

Katherine (Rosie) Shiff Endowment Fund

Micah Shiff Endowment Fund

Shiff/van Messel Fund for Jewish Camps in memory of Murray Shiff

Anita Silber Endowment Fund

Arnold Silber 80th Birthday Philanthropic Fund

Silverman Family Legacy of Hope Fund

Soskin/SoFine Foundation Philanthropic Fund

Dr. Howard Stein Fund

Ronald & Janet Stern Family Philanthropic Fund

Thau Family Philanthropic Fund

Judy and Malcolm Weinstein Family Philanthropic Fund

Wellington Family Philanthropic Fund

Isidor & Harriett Wolfe Family Fund

Rahel Wosk Bat Mitzvah Fund

Aaron, Linda and Ted Zacks Family Philanthropic Fund

Louis Zacks Philanthropic Fund for Israel

Znaimer Family Fund

ZZZAP Philanthropic Fund

Designated Funds

Designated funds direct distributions to specific charitable organizations named by the donor when the fund is established.

Betty Averbach Maccabi Legacy Fund

Gary Averbach Family Endowment Fund

Barish Family Endowment Fund for Jewish Historical Society

Muriel and Sam Bass Family Endowment Fund

Norma Ross Bass Memorial Fund

Joel and Ilene-Jo Bellas Family Fund

Miriam Bookbinder Endowment Fund

Abe & Elaine Charkow Endowment Fund for Immigrant Services

Alvin & Ellen Cohen Family Endowment Fund for Jewish Family Service Agency

Cronk Family Endowment Fund

Jody & Harvey Dales Endowment Fund for JFSA

Gordon Diamond Family Fund for Ohel Ya’Akov Community Kollel

Diamond Family JFSA Endowment for Poverty Relief & Senior Services

Arnie & Susan Fine Family Fund for Hillel House

Arnie & Susan Fine Family Fund for King David High School

Carly & Adam Fine and Brent & Tedi Martin Fund for Camp Hatikvah

Franci Finkelstein Memorial Fund

Hannah Frankel Fund for Jewish Continuity

Dennis and Naomi Frankenburg Endowment Fund

Dorothy Freedman Endowment Fund for Shalom BC

Fugman Family Endowment Fund

Fay and Kenneth N. Golden Endowment Fund

Myer and Bea Goldberg Family Endowment Fund

Sid, Sara, Ilene-Jo & Wayne Greenberg Endowment Fund

The Greenwald Family Fund

Alfred and Ann Groberman Memorial Garden Fund — Beth Israel Cemetery

Edwina & Paul Heller Endowment Fund for Jewish Family Service Agency

David and Evelyn Jackson Family Endowment Fund

Abe & Lydia Jampolsky Family Endowment Fund

JCC Maccabi Games Endowment Fund

Jewish Renewal in Poland Endowment Fund

Lynn Carol Kagan Endowment Fund

Sally & Harry Karlinsky Family Endowment Fund

Katz Family Endowment Fund for Jewish Family Service Agency

Myrna Koffman LOJE Fund

Len and Mollie Korsch Family Endowment Fund

Harold and Rita Krivel Endowment Fund

Cultural Arts Endowment Fund for L’Chaim Daycare at JCCGV

Etta & Lou Lefohn Endowment Fund for JCCGV

Sally & Al Lesk Yaffa Housing Residents Endowment for JCC Participation

Bill & Risa Levine Family Endowment Fund for JCCGV

Bill & Risa Levine Family Endowment Fund for King David High School

Bill & Risa Levine Family Endowment Fund for Louis Brier Home and Hospital

Levitt Romalis Family Fund

Norman and Minna Loomer Endowment Fund

Perry & Emmy Maerov Family Endowment Fund

Mermelstein-5-Sisters Fund

Jean Milavsky/Bortnick Endowment Fund

Esther Montefiore Endowment Fund

Zoe & Norman “Babe” Oreck Endowment Fund

Norman & Lola Pawer Endowment Fund for Camp Hatikvah

Anne (Jenkins) Philipp and Al Jenkins Endowment Fund

Leo and Matilda Porte Endowment Fund

Susan and Juda H. Quastel Endowment Fund

Warren and Miri Ratner Fund

Irvin and Ann Rivkin Family Endowment Fund

Abe & Joanne Rosenbaum Fund

Ruthie Ross Endowment Fund

Norman & Annette Rothstein Endowment Fund

Max Schachter Family Endowment Fund

Julie Shatsky Family Fund

Ari Shiff and Carla van Messel Family Fund

Anita and Arnold Silber Family Fund for Judaic Studies at King David High School

Cherie Smith Endowment Fund for Jewish Historical Society

Phyliss & Irving Snider Endowment Fund for Campus Outreach Engagement

Phyliss & Irving Snider Endowment Fund for Jewish Family Services Agency

Sonner Family Bursary Fund

Sonner Family Endowment Fund

Mark and Jayson Spevakow Endowment for King David High School

Renee Switzer Endowment Fund for Canadian Jewish Congress, Pacific Region

Vivienne Taylor and Anton Kuipers Endowment Fund

Thau Family Fund for the Holocaust Centre Society for Education and Remembrance

Thau Family Fund for the Jewish Film Centre Society

Thau Family Fund for the Louis Brier Home and Hospital

Isaac Waldman Library Endowment Fund

Rinaldo Wassman Endowment Fund

Henriette and Leonard White Endowment Fund

Ethel Wiss Shalom BC Legacy Fund

Jack & Naomi Wolfe Endowment Fund for JFSA

Dena Wosk Endowment Fund for JCC School of Performing Arts

Drs. Mordehai & Hana, Ariel & Daniel Wosk Family Fund

David Zacks Family Fund

Zlotnik Endowment Fund

Zlotnik Family Endowment Fund

Garry & Lisbeth Zlotnik Endowment Fund for JFSA

Garry Zlotnik Family Fund

Field of Interest Funds

Field of interest funds distribute income to one or more areas of interest or purpose, as chosen by the donor when the fund is established.

Norma Ross Bass Memorial Fund

Frances & Sam Belzberg Jewish Education Endowment Fund

Charles Diamond Jewish Education Endowment Fund

Michael H. Epstein Fund

Ancie and Arthur Fouks Jewish Continuity Fund

Thelma Koffman Friedman Fund

Carol Fugman Fry Fund for Inclusion Services

Susan Fugman Fund

Leon Glassman Fund for Jewish Continuity Through Education

Israel Social Services Endowment Fund

Koffman Youth Programs To Israel Endowment Fund

Myrna & Albert Kolberg Jewish Education Endowment Fund

Naimark Family Endowment for Dental Services

Cheryl Rimer Endowment Fund

Abe Rosenbaum-Rinat Folk Ensemble EF For the Arts

Margaret Segal Fund in Support of Vulnerable Populations

Services For Seniors Endowment Fund

Deborah MacDonald-Sutton Fund

Toronto Dominion Bank Endowment Fund for Capital Projects

Scholarships, Awards and Camperships

Facilitating connections between young people and Jewish life is important to our fund holders. The following endowment funds provide need- and merit-based scholarships, as well as need-based camperships to ensure that as many children as possible can receive a Jewish education or attend a Jewish summer camp.

Harry and Sylvia Avery Memorial Scholarship Fund

George and Geraldine Biely Endowment Fund

B’nai B’rith Scholarship Fund

Cohen-Reiss Endowment Fund

Deloitte & Touche Endowment Fund

Gordon Diamond Community Service Award Endowment Fund for King David High School

The Sidney H. Doduck z’l Memorial Endowment for Scholarships at Pacific Torah Institute

Dena Elias Memorial Fund for Camp Miriam Camperships

Dr. Morris Faigen Endowment Fund

Naomi Frankenberg Award Fund

Israel Experience Scholarship Endowment Fund

King David High School Scholarship Award Fund

Krell Endowment Fund

The Congregation Shaarey Tefilah Endowment Fund for King David High School

Sheryl Michelson Young nee Doduck Memorial Scholarship for Home Economics, Arts and Design at King David High School

David and Irma Zack Endowment Fund for Camperships

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