King David High School Endowment

King David High School is a pluralistic community high school dedicated to educating and inspiring students in grades eight through 12 in the Greater Vancouver Jewish community.

King David is a school, a community and a family.

King David provides a strong educational environment grounded in academic excellence and Jewish values. Questions at King David are as important as answers. Students are challenged through a dynamic dual curriculum of Jewish and general studies to cultivate their skills and interests in the intellectual, artistic, spiritual and physical realms, as well as to explore and fortify their Jewish identity.

As a community, King David vibrates with a shared tradition and a common dedication to responsibility and leadership, menschlichkeit (ethical conduct), social justice, tikkun olam (adding good to the world), and ahavat Israel (love for the State of Israel).

Finally, King David is a warm and nurturing Jewish family, where everyone is valued and respected, connections to the local and global Jewish community are cultivated, and social bonds with peers are created for a lifetime.

Natalie Rosengarten and Ari Shiff, Co-Presidents
Russ Klein, Head of School