Rinat/Rosenbaum Endowment Fund for the Arts

Abe Rosenbaum lived to make the world a better place, doing so with good will and good humour, seeking neither honour nor plaques. His commitment to the Jewish community was based on the principle of Gemilut Hasidim (acts of loving kindness) which he understood to mean doing things when needed, without fanfare. He was dedicated to the global Jewish community: active at Beth Israel in every aspect of synagogue life, chairing the JNF High Holiday Appeal, and tirelessly helping new immigrants to Vancouver integrate with as much dignity as possible. His legacy was one of true tzedakah.

His true passion, however, was his love of the cultural arts, a love which he expressed through his involvement with the Jewish Festival of the Arts. The Endowment established in his memory will ensure that our rich cultural heritage will continue to be celebrated within our community. It will help keep Abe’s dreams and values alive – in Vancouver and in our family.

Joanne Rosenbaum and Melanie Samuels