The Michael and Carol Millman Family Philanthropic Fund

Michael came to Vancouver in 1980 from Montreal and met Carol Blond, one of the rare native Vancouverites.

We both come from strong role model parents and families who highly valued tikkun olam and tzedakah. We were raised understanding the importance of helping those less fortunate, both within and outside our Jewish community, as well as actively participating by lending our specific talents to those causes that are dear to us.

These values were and are manifested by our financial commitments to the Jewish community, and our volunteer roles in leadership positions with non-profit organizations that include the Jewish Community Centre, Vancouver Talmud Torah, Jewish Family Service Agency, the Jewish Food Bank, Beth Israel, Jewish Federation, and the Richmond Country Club.

We kvell that our children, Bryan and Andrea, share our passion for these same values, and look forward to their continued involvement in and contributions to the Jewish community. It is the family’s pleasure to participate in the opportunity to be part of the endowment fund.

As a family, we encourage others to make similar commitments and thereby endorse the importance of the continuity of the Jewish community in Vancouver.

Michael and Carol Millman