Applying For a Grant


The grant program is now closed.

Please submit an electronic version of your grant application to Hard copy is optional. 

Timeline and Deadlines: 2018 Grant Program

Friday, November 3, 2017 Deadline for Letters of Intent
Friday, December 15, 2017 Grant Application Deadline
Thursday, February 15, 2018 Grant Distribution Meeting
Thursday, March 1, 2018 Governors Meeting -
Grant recommendations are ratified


  • Download the Grant Application Guidelines: MS Word or PDF
  • Download the Grant Application Form: MS Word or PDF


STEP ONE: Letter of Intent
After you have reviewed the grant guidelines, send us a typed outline of your project of no more than two pages (8.5 x 11), containing the following information:

  • Introduction to your organization, including your charitable registration number;
  • Statement of the needs or community priorities that the project addresses;
  • Concise description of the activities to be undertaken;
  • Clear statement of who will benefit from the project;
  • Start-up and completion dates;
  • The cost of the project and the amount being requested from the Foundation; and
  • Brief statement on how the success of the project will be evaluated.
  • We encourage applicants to be brief but informative, and to use lay language. You will be invited to submit a full application only with the prior submission of a Letter of Intent.
  • The Chair of the Distribution Committee and the Executive Director of the Jewish Community Foundation will review your Letter of Intent. You may be contacted if additional information is needed. If your project meets the Foundation's criteria, you will be invited to apply and will receive an application. If your project is not considered eligible for further consideration, you will receive an explanation.
  • Letters of Intent may be forwarded to:
    Jewish Community Foundation
    Grant Program
    Suite 200 - 950 West 41st Avenue
    Vancouver, BC V5Z 2N7 
    and/or to

STEP TWO: Grant Application (if invited to submit)

Your formal application must be returned by the deadline for consideration by the Grant Distribution Committee.  Recommendations are then presented to the Foundation’s Board of Governors for ratification.  Following this meeting, applicants receive written notification of the grant status.

As detailed in the timeline, we recognize the effort that goes into preparing grant applications and want to help organizations make complete submissions. If you have any questions about the grant application process, please contact our office at 604.257.5100 or by email at