Guiding Principles
The Foundation's grant program seeks to support projects that enhance Jewish continuity and deepen Jewish identity. Grants can be made only to organizations with a Canadian registered charitable tax number. Only requests for single-year funding will be considered.


In awarding grants, consideration will be given to the following factors:

  • There is a demonstrated need for and clear benefits from the project or program for which the grant is requested.
  • The project or program has a relationship to Jewish concerns and purposes and has the potential to benefit the Jewish Community, locally, nationally, or internationally.
  • There is an expectation that an ongoing source of funding will be available to carry out the project or program on a regular basis if it is to be continued after the grant period.
  • Priority may be given to proposals likely to have the broadest Jewish Community significance.
  • Priority may be given to projects or programs undertaken collaboratively between two or more institutions serving the Greater Vancouver area.
  • Proposals that appear to duplicate existing community services and programs may receive a lower priority.


What the Foundation will consider for funding:

  • Pilot projects and creative initiatives;
  • Projects that build community partnerships and benefit a broad spectrum of the community; and
  • Capital projects.

What the Foundation will not consider for funding:

  • 100% of a project's cost;
  • Operating expenses;
  • Deficit/debt reduction;
  • Israel projects with no direct impact on or connection to the Greater Vancouver Jewish community or not partnered with an agency of the Greater Vancouver Jewish community;
  • Commercial endeavours, including those with Jewish content; and
  • Endowment funds.

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