Karen James Family Fund

I came from a secular interfaith family, yet was educated in the history and language of my Jewish heritage. My own journey in reclaiming my Jewish identity, while founded on a Jewish education and a trip to Israel at age 12, only began in the last 15 years.

I, too, raised my children in a secular environment, and up until recently, their understanding of Judaism and community has been limited. When I started my Karen James Family Endowment Fund, I not only wanted to give back to my community, I also wanted my children to learn what I had learned—the value of community. Their involvement year to year on how the interest from the fund is distributed engages them in learning about the needs in our local and global Jewish community, and gives them, along with me, the responsibility and privilege to give, and the discernment to align their giving with their values. In this way, I feel I am not only giving a legacy to my community but to my children as well.

Karen James
Leigh, James and Elizabeth Sully