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The Foundation is your one-stop shop for creating a legacy within the Jewish and wider communities. We manage over 300 independent funds worth approximately $42 million. We are first and foremost a donor-centric foundation. We ensure that your objectives are met and that the organizations most important to you remain financially strong and to meet the ongoing needs of the community. Here are some more reasons why ‘planning to make a difference’ with the Foundation is a sound decision:

  • Performance:  Our Board of Trustees, Investment and Grant Distribution Committees count among their members some of the leading minds in investment in BC. Our expertly managed portfolio is designed to consistently deliver solid returns. Funds managed by the Foundation are invested at all times based on the requirements for safety (preservation of capital), liquidity and yield - in that order. The portfolio seeks always to earn total returns in excess of the rate of inflation over the long term.
  • Experience: By creating a relationship with us, you will leverage our 25 years of experience as a major funder of Jewish communal institutions.  Our experience allows you to make wise decisions based on the best available information. We will also help you enhance your philanthropic efforts locally, nationally and overseas. We’ve partnered with agencies on the ground, across the globe, including the world's leading Jewish humanitarian assistance organization leading Jewish humanitarian assistance organization. You can be confident that your impact on the causes you support will be maximized.
  • Control and Flexibility: It’s your fund. You can be as involved in this process as you want. If you so choose, you may decide specifically how the income will be used. As an organization, we distribute over a million dollars a year to those institutions most important to our donors. Our flexibility allows us to design customized solutions that truly reflect your wishes.
  • Relatively low fees: An annual administrative fee of .9% is charged. This fee is small compared to the costs associated with running a private foundation. Such costs include: incorporation fees, fees to obtain a tax registration number, annual bookkeeping, financial statements, tax returns and legal and accounting fees and administration costs, cheque writing and follow up with charities to ensure compliance. We manage to keep our fees relatively low by pooling administrative expenses. Record keeping, investments, cheque-writing and all communication are handled by us. A modest portfolio management fee, low by industry standards, is also applied.
  • Efficiency and convenience: We like to make things as simple as possible for you. We meet together with donors and their families to help guide them or, for sake of efficiency, donors may instruct us by fax, email or telephone. There are no income tax returns to be filed by the fund, as the Foundation as a whole files the return. We also offer the convenience of flow-through service, which allows you to make a gift now and decide where to distribute it later.
  • Confidentiality: Your philanthropic decisions are no one’s business but your own. Your legacy planning is confidential. Your privacy is strictly protected.
  • Multi-generational engagement: The Foundation is set up to empower a family to pass on the granting function to subsequent generations and to teach your children (and theirs) that supporting our community is extremely rewarding and vital to its health and longevity.

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